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Louisiana Youth Program

Youth in Louisiana are more likely to smoke than their national counterparts, across gender and race/ethnicity.

Almost 30% of youth aged 18-24 currently smoke cigarettes.

The degree to which middle school students are smoking in Louisiana compared to their national counterparts is particularly alarming. The proportion of Louisiana middle school students who smoke is 55% higher than the national median.

  • Packs of cigarettes bought or smoked by kids in Louisiana each year: 13.8 million
  • Kids exposed to second hand smoke at home - 294,000
  • Kids alive in state today who will ultimately die from smoking - 109,000 (given current smoking levels.)

We are working with schools and directly with youth to help kids get healthier.

Smoking Facts
Cigarette smoke contains nearly 5,000 chemical compounds, including arsenic, formaldehyde and hydrogen cyanide.


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